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After each donation you will receive an email confirmation on behalf of the organization that you donated to, which will also serve as your receipt for tax purposes. After you receive your confirmation, we encourage you to let friends know what causes you are supporting, and to get them involved as well.
It costs to process card payments anywhere on the web, and unfortunately here is no different. We use Stripe, which has a flat 2.9% + 30¢ fee on all credit card charges, and we add an additional 2% + 20¢ to allow us to keep our lights on and continue to bring you new and exciting features. The 4.9% + 50¢ per donation is comparable to most other online giving portals and significantly less than text-to-give services. We are constantly working on ways to both lower our fees, and to provide you a valuable and rewarding experience each time you use our service. As a donor, you will always have the option to assume the fees on each donation so that the organization doesn’t have to pay them. Just make sure you set that option in your user profile.
Donations are disbursed to the organization two days after the donation is made.
We believe that tinyGive offers several advantages over other fundraising channels. Most text-to-donate services, in addition to per donation fees, require a lump sum registration fee up front and another monthly fee (often above $300) to receive donations, making the service financially inaccessible to most small and medium-sized nonprofits. On top of this, nonprofits still need to create awareness about the mobile donation option through platforms like Twitter. The same goes for online giving portals that require organizations to publicize on social media platforms, but then require donors to go to a separate website to complete the donation– often resulting in donors not following through on their pledge. tinyGive donations are initiated through simple acts that happen at the point of appeal, maximizing the chance that a donor follows through with the giving process. Furthermore, because of the way tinyGive works, each donation also serves as a social endorsement for the organization or cause. We believe that tinyGive is the best option for organizations looking to leverage aspects of peer-to-peer fundraising in a simple, social, and meaningful way.
Though we primarily work with U.S. registered 501c3 organizations to accept donations through tinyGive, we are working on ways for other cause-related organizations to use the platform as well. If you’re not a 501c3, but interested in working with us, simply sign up and we'll review your organization to see if you're a good fit.
No. tinyGive is merely a platform that organizations can use to fundraise on Twitter. Furthermore, we are not formally affiliated with any of the organizations listed on our site, and their use of the platform does not neccessarily signal our endorsement or support of their mission or work.

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