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A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on April 25th near the capital of Kathmandu. Millions of people are sleeping outdoors and have very little access to shelter, health services, food and water. All donations to this fund will exclusively support mobile citizen helpdesks that will support these displaced people to get the information and help they need to survive.





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Tweet to Give Did you know? You can donate to this campaign by simply sending a Tweet that mentions @AccountLab, a dollar amount (e.g. $10), and #tinygive– just click above to try it!


Thousands of Nepalis are caught up in the most devastating earthquake Nepal has seen in almost a century. Hospitals are overflowing and millions of people are sleeping on the streets, with shortages of shelter, healthcare, food and water. Huge amounts of funding are flowing in but the Nepali people are unsure how to benefit from the relief efforts.

But you can help! The Accountability Lab has set up a series of Mobile Citizen Help Desks to provide displaced Nepalis with critical information, resources, and assistance they need during this difficult time. Your donations in these amounts will sponsor the operations of the helpdesks and provide relief to thousands in need:

  • $10: Will provide a stipend to a trained volunteer for a day
  • $30: Will cover 3 volunteers' travel to and from the helpdesks and government agencies for a day
  • $75: Will cover phone and internet communication at a helpdesk for a week.
  • $110: Will buy a dust mask, raincoat, gloves, backpack, sunglasses, medical kit, and power bank for a helpdesk volunteer.
  • $400: Will cover the set up of one helpdesk at a key location.
  • $1270: Will allow us to operate one helpdesk for a week.

Citizen Helpdesks

We are setting up mobile helpdesks in three key locations in Kathmandu (the pavilion in Tudikhel and Bir Hospital; Patan Durbar Square; and in the Teaching Hospital in Maharajgunj) linked to crowdsourced mobile mapping technology, SMS platforms and a dedicated hotline.

These free helpdesks and platforms will be used to support citizens to obtain information related to the disaster, solve problems around relief efforts and entitlements, and make sure the earthquake response agencies are accountable to Nepali citizens where and when they need it most.

#MobileCitzenHelpDesk on full swing- First day overwhelming call from citizen to a dedicated hotline "1234" which has...

Posted by Bolaun on Friday, May 1, 2015

A donation of just $50 supports five trained volunteers for a day to help displaced Nepalis obtain the information and help they need to access essential supplies. $100 supports an entire helpdesk of these volunteers for a day at the main displaced population centers, improving hundreds of lives. Please give all you can now.

Why $10,000?

We calculate that the helpdesk, volunteers, and materials will cost approximately $1,270 per week. $10,000 will allow us to operate one of our helpdesks with volunteers for just about two months to get through the worst of the humanitarian response.

Please support our work by donating through the button above or by simply sending a Tweet that mentions @AccountLab, a dollar amount (e.g. $10) and #tinygive! No amount is too small!

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