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The Capital Cause #JUSTICE4FUND will invest in organization’s implementing innovative solutions to address: racial profiling, police brutality, civil rights, social justice and economic opportunity! By awarding $500 - $1,000 grants to organizations who have been doing the work before trending hashtags – we hope to contribute to long-term change that validates, enhances and positively influences Black lives....that matter!






We believe that black lives matter! We believe justice is worth fighting for. We believe movements are not free, they must be paid for with time, talent and treasure! With your help, in September, we granted $3,100 to Dream Defenders, National Black United Front, Thursday Network and Black Swan Academy. Their efforts will touch 364 lives affected by injustice by March 2015.

We want to do more, and FUND more efforts.

Donate to the #JUSTICE4FUND and be part of a growing giving circle of concerned young philanthropists, agitated young activists and revolutionary changemakers. Everyone who donates will cast a vote on which organizations receiving funding– click DONATE above to get started!

Know an organization doing great work? Click here to recommend them for a grant from the #JUSTICE4FUND. For more information about Capital Cause, please visit our website at:

The Problem

The nation’s outcry against the killing of African-Americans has reached a crescendo in wake of Michael Brown’s death. As questions continue to go unanswered, the nation is struggling to figure out how unarmed Black men continue to die at the hands of law enforcement, vigilantes and armed citizens who viewed their presence as a threat. Many believe several factors contribute to this irreversible outcome:

  • Racial Profiling: 97% of total arrests made by the police department in Ferguson involved African-Americans.
  • Police Brutality: 86% of African-Americans believe police are tougher on them than other races.
  • Economic Opportunity: Only 18% of African-Americans hold college degrees and less than 1% hold advanced degrees.

As #IfTheyGunnedMeDown trends on Twitter, and Facebook posts flood our timelines demanding #JusticeForMikeBrown – we must ask ourselves if we are willing to be the change we want to see and INVEST IN SOLUTIONS THAT CREATE SYSTEMIC COMMUNITY CHANGE!

Will this be a moment or a movement? After we protest, how do we plan?

The Solution

The Capital Cause #JUSTICE4FUND will make $500 - $1,000 micro-grants to organizations doing innovative work to create systemic, community change that mitigates the effects of racial profiling, police brutality and socioeconomic injustice. We believe careful and smart philanthropic investments in organizations committed to doing the work once the hashtags have stopped trending is the way to ensure real change.

These organizations must be facilitating specific projects designed to protect and enhance the lives of African-American men and women. We will require organizations to produce grant reports within 3 months of the gift, and will make their reports public to all donors.

Our goal is to make all giving transparent, so that donors are investing in a movement even if their donation was inspired in the moment.

Your Money, Your Vote

Capital Cause has organized the #JUSTICE4FUND Giving Circle– a group of 18 concerned young philanthropists who have committed to raising $100 to contribute for the fund. The Circle will review grant applications and will select finalists for donor’s consideration.


Waikinya Clanton (Co-Chair), Damon Jones (Co-Chair), Robert Bland, Adrianne Burke, Myles Caggins, Keith Cole, Saranah Holmes, Christian Howard, Kristina Jacobs, Alencia Johnson, Tara Mancini, Javier Martinez, Dexter Mccoy, Marcus Mitchell, Cadene Russell, Joseph Thomas, Daya Washington, Conrad Woody.

On September 15, 2014, all donors will be invited to vote on which finalists they'd like to receive their combined funds. Please consider making these symbolic donations to honor the suffering endured by our community:

  • $7: Representative of the number of letters in the word JUSTICE.
  • $17: Nationwide, the black homicide victimization rate in 2011 was 17 per 100,000.
  • $31: The homicide rate for black male victims was 31 per 100,000.
  • $40: The murder rate for Black Americans is four times the national average.
  • $100: The amount the #JUSTICE4FUND Giving Circle has committed to investing in the fund.

No amount is too small and your donation will make a BIG difference toward creating change. All contributions are tax deductible.


Current organizations recommended for grant awards of $500 - $1000:

  1. Dream Defenders
  2. Million Hoodies Movement
  3. Black Youth Project
  4. Black Swan Academy
  5. Teen App Against Police Brutality
  6. National Black United Front | DC
  7. Thurgood Marshall College Fund
  8. The BlackManCan Institute
  9. Black and Brown People Vote

Do you know an organization doing work in to end police brutality, racial profiling and socioeconomic injustice? Send us your suggestions, and they will be invited to apply to receive a grant from your collective contributions: [email protected]

About Capital Cause

Capital Cause is a 501c3 grant-making nonprofit that uses the combined financial contributions and pro-bono talent of young philanthropists to invest in millennial-led startup organizations. To date Capital Cause has responsibly awarded 23 grants to nonprofits and nine ventures working to address educational inequity, health disparity, environmental injustice and poverty’s long-term effects. We want to continue investing innovative solutions, and revolutionizing how small contributions can come together to create REAL, transparent change.

Cover photo by NBC News.